What is Medicare?

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Medicare is a federal health insurance program that helps cover the costs of health care expenses. People 65 and older, individuals with certain medical conditions or people with permanent disabilities can benefit from this program.

Medicare consist of four different parts:

  • Part A – is most commonly known as hospital insurance. Part A is what you would use to cover your care while you are in the hospital (inpatient care).
  • Part B – helps take care of your doctor visits, outpatient care, home health service, preventative services as well as any services when admitted to the hospital.
  • Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private insurance carriers who have a contract with Medicare and are required to offer the same benefits as Original Medicare.
  • Part D – prescription drug coverage that is offered to everyone with Medicare.


When can you sign up?

  • Initial Enrollment Period – this is a 7-month period that includes
  • the 3 months prior to the month you turn 65
  • the month of your 65th birthday
  • the 3 months after the month you turn 65.